Melford Walk is a disused railway line that has been converted into a footpath and is used for recreational purposes by walkers, horse riders and cyclists. It is part of a longer route that links Sudbury and Lavenham.

The southern end of the walk starts on a high embankment with Sycamore trees and Hawthorn and Blackthorn scrub growing on either side. Danewort, a rare plant in Suffolk, is present here. After crossing Water Lane the height of the embankment gradually decreases and passes under a brick arch into a deep cutting. Dense scrub covers much of the cutting sides and there is a very active Badger sett.

Emerging from the cutting the walk leaves the settlement area and passes under a spectacular three-arched bridge emerging into open grassy countryside interspersed with Bramble and Hawthorn for its final stretch to Bull Lane, with fine views of Melford Hall. The abundance of wild flowers attracts butterflies.

The walk is maintained by volunteers from Long Melford Open Spaces.