On 19 August 2012 a cygnet got tangled up in fishing line down by the spillway at the southern end of Melford Country Park. Susie, Long Melford Open Spaces' Ranger, tried to rescue the bird but due to a combination of very deep water and an overprotective pen and cob, had to call on the services of the RSPCA. The pictures above show the successful rescue and a very relieved Susie. One of the bird’s legs showed signs of damage and the cygnet was taken to King’s Lynn for treatment.

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Melford Country Park and Melford Walk are maintained by volunteers. Without their generous help, the park and walk would not remain open and accessible. They clear undergrowth, provide habitats for different animals and maintain the paths, bushes and trees. You can help by coming along to a work party. Just bring appropriate clothes for the weather and some gardening gloves. Long Melford Open Spaces will provide the equipment, instruction and tea and biscuits! Contact us.